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Bhavan Vidyala Model United Nations BVPMUN.

Panchkula , Panchkula, Haryana

This event ended on
15th October,Thursday 2015


Bhavan Vidyalya, Panchkula

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Power to lead is the guiding motto of the BVPMUN. LEAD abbreviates,”Leaders Encourage A Difference.”The essence of the motto inspires the zest to imbibe the emulable qualities of renowned leaders. Ability to assume leadership in the fiercely competitive contemporary world is considered a pre-requisite to success today. MUN affords us the opportunity to identify, nurture and develop that very ability. A sound knowledge base, correct comprehension and perspective of an issue and cogent articulation of one's viewpoint would be the hallmark of a potential leader. The discerning eye for the good and bad as also the courage of conviction to stand by what is right is a virtue all leaders must possess for, a constructive change can be ushered only when the necessity has been correctly identified. Selfless commitment to the cause espoused by a leader, will set an exemplary direction for any worthwhile following and the leader must symbolize and embody that selflessness.

“Best MUN in Panchkula”